A Proactive Solution

A Proactive Solution
A Proactive Solution, Please Donate to our Soft Launch Campaigns. Limited Perk and Business Opportunities.

Consumer Loyalty Rewards Program

When a member/buyer purchase's something that's advertised on CHAT sites (formally launching 2014 “Worldwide”) they will receive a loyalty reward with a predetermined amount of CHAT success in credits from CHAT targeted earned revenues and they are “Significant” and not 2% to 5% of a couple of dollars. The more members participate the more credits they earn.

These credits can be used as confidence to pay forward college tuition for your kids, pay down a mortgage, invest, start a new business, transportation, vocation school to learn a new trade, food, gas, utilities, etc.. which also earn them CHAT credits.

Home/Property/Investment Properties: could receive $50K or more in credits

Furniture/Appliances/Electronics: could receive $1000's in credits

Car/Truck/Boat/RV/Motorcycle: could receive $10K or more in credits

Vacation Package: could receive $100's in credits

Many Retailer/Merchant/Service Providers to chose from and Shop with

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