A Proactive Solution

A Proactive Solution
A Proactive Solution, Please Donate to our Soft Launch Campaigns. Limited Perk and Business Opportunities.

Why We Need Your Help too Help Us Help You

Why We Need Your Help too Help Us Help You

After years of research, due diligence and personal financing, our expectations of our mission is not

 the recreation of any systems process but to improve it and the way we live with it, developing a

stronger sense of self. This first round of Crowd Funding is for getting ready infrastructures and

building a dynamic website that would accommodate it's launch and support our second round of

Crowd Funding public/business opportunity offerings. This is where it leads to you and your

ambitions of success and the innovative help of donating. Your donations will go towards:

  • Payment processing and crowd funding portal fees
  • Cost of marketing with pay per clicks, social media, fliers, print advertisements, TV, etc.
  • Cost of hiring consultants, designers, film producers, and other experts to assist along the way
  • Programers
  • Developers, Coding and App developers
  • Tech Support, Ongoing Maintenance and Management
  • Fundamental project cost that include web hosting, property rent, third party product licensing
  • Additional Trademarks, Copyrights, Patent Applications, etc.
  • Infrastructure Staff Hiring (VP CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, CHRO) and Out Sourcing

Any campaign funds raised over our goal will go towards supporting the rest of the business,

primarily in the areas of equipment needs, etc. We have had in access of over $250,000.00 in quotes

with the lowest starting at $80,000.00 just to build, one website and apps of this magnitude.

Our expectations of the CHAT Business Process Invention revenues are enormous as compared too

other successful social network websites, without it.

Please DONATE below;


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