A Proactive Solution

A Proactive Solution
A Proactive Solution, Please Donate to our Soft Launch Campaigns. Limited Perk and Business Opportunities.

Ninth Perk;

Ninth Perk; make and upload to http://www.youtube.com/chatnationwide a 15 second video of your
 family, school and friends/buddies describing how you would plan on using CHAT Loyalty Reward
Credits. Videos, as a part of our Website launch, will be featured as a featured commercial clip on the
Website, CHAT television commercials and news media channels and video social networks,
Nationwide. Videos will be followed and updated by CHAT media teams as you use the system and
upload videos and featured. All family videos will also be uploaded and interned in the AFV Funniest
Video Assignment American Challenge for a chance to win the AFV $100,000.00 and tickets to the
show. http://afv.com/about/contact/ NOTE: this perk does require a $10.00 donation of money.

But wait, we can't do all this for just $10.00 bucks, come on now. What we need is
your help too, sharing us on line with all your fans and contacts, screaming it in the street, getting
your college or school involved and whatever you can come up with fun, clean and “Play Safe”.

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