A Proactive Solution

A Proactive Solution
A Proactive Solution, Please Donate to our Soft Launch Campaigns. Limited Perk and Business Opportunities.

Post Launch CrowdVaulTit.com Sub-Campaigns;

Post Launch CrowdVaulTit.com Sub-Campaigns;

*Together with collective contributors , iCHATit.com and CrowdVaulTit.com websites strategy,
 would be to invite and propose one (1) campaign per person for the benefit of that family or
families in need through Private Test Beta applications. Sub-Campaign participants and their
campaigns are Post Website(s) launch and Infrastructure preparation for their launch. (NCNDA)
Non-Compete Non-Disclosure Agreements Required. To participate in these Sub-Campaigns you
must donate to one of, 4 thru 8 perks and in addition too any one or all sub-campaigns to be
featured as a sponsored donor ad too eighth perk on iCHATit.com and CrowdVaulTit.com. These
are All Or Nothing Campaigns and refundable by advertising credits to donors if funds are not met
within the time period allowed.
Each successful campaigner is required too donate to another campaign. These campaigns are
 Non-Monetary, Non-Financial, Non-Return and Non-Equity based campaigns, however, see perks
are as listed. For participation in these sub-campaigns, with our “Paying it Forward” No Payment,
No Interest Programs send request to: chatnationwide@yahoo.com and inter subject

Private Test Beta CrowdVaulTit.com Campaigns;

Growth Charities by Necessity” 100% of all Member Credits donated go to the cause, contributed
 by us and employee's time while they work, everyday.

Habitat for Humanity” Home Sweet Home

Commercial / Residential / Recreational Development” Home Land (Blackstone / Amelia,

Automotive” Classic Restorations / Mom's & Dad's Kid Transporter / CollegeWipps©

Real Estate” Abandoned House Restorations, FirstTimeCribs© / Homes

College Tuition” My Kid Needs College

Commercial Heavy Equipment”

Pantry Vault” Food Charity to local Food Banks / Pantries

First New Born Family” New Families with new born babies

New Business Ventures” Start your new business with us and Score Small Business

* Other conditions, rules, requirements and Laws may apply as Law provides.    


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