A Proactive Solution

A Proactive Solution
A Proactive Solution, Please Donate to our Soft Launch Campaigns. Limited Perk and Business Opportunities.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Sneak Peek at what we're doing, help us out if you can.

A Sneak Peek at what we're doing, help us out if you can.

Renters "Beware" and "Pay Attention" there is other ways to get into a property you can own. Today, you really should be looking beyond banks as a way to obtain real estate, cars, college even food, "Think Proactive Social Business". Keep an eye on us, iCHATit.com and CrowdVaulTit.com, launch dates are very near and perhaps the only business models using Old School Business coupled with the Exploding World of New Technologies.

There is Nothing Free but using their methods and Innovations "Paying it Forward" requires No Government, No Bank and No Finical or Monetary Investment interventions. However, they still would apply other normal consumer to business activities, a "Win, Win for Everyone"

Think "Proactive" "Paying it Forward" "Solution" "Innovation" "Old School Stable Family Environment and Income Savings” "You Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours" "Extra Proactive Income and Reward"


"On Sale" "Coupons" "Come and Get It" "Quick and Easy" "Get Rich Quick" "I Got Rich Using This Method" "Government Programs" "Free Grants" "Bank Programs" "All For One and One For All" because these are only designed to collect your income not save your income.

Here's a challenge, ask any early mid 50 or 60 to mid 70 year old, what is "Old School Stable Family Economic Environment and Income Savings" are and comment your findings.

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